Traveling to Dublin

Dublin Airport is the largest airport in Ireland, with 47 airlines flying form over 200 destinations in 44 countries on four continents.  Dublin Airport is conveniently located approximately 10km north of Dublin City Centre with access to a large number of buses, coaches and taxis all allowing you to get to and from the airport with ease.

The Airlink Express 747 or 757 services will bring you directly to Dublin city centre. The Airlink Express departs from just outside Terminal 1 Arrivals (Zone 2) and Terminal 2 Arrivals (Zone 20) and connects Dublin Airport with a number of popular Dublin locations. 

Aircoach offers services from Dublin Airport to Dublin city centre and South County Dublin on a 24-hour basis. The Aircoach departs from just outside Terminal 1 Arrivals (Zone 1) and Terminal 2 Arrivals (Zone 21). Its city centre service stops at most of the major hotels in Dublin city and at other key locations across Dublin.